Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nerdy Update!

Konichiwa! :)
Is everyone just as pumped as I am? It's the last week of term 1 !
Nothing much has been happening really... Just feeling extremely blessed cause everything is going smoothly... It's amazing when you put your trust in God, and the world really does seem like a better place. It's alright to doubt, it's ok! Knowing that God loves and cares.. and finding peace in him.. is extremely significant in my life. Instead of preparing for my upcoming SAC and ladilalala.. other VCE assignments, I've decided to bum for a bit and dazed off with Prince of Egypt on my laptop. Ohemgee, how much I love that movie... It's refreshing despite the deaths, and diseases, and floud... Knowing "There can be miracles, when you believe"
I came to a realization, God isn't just a fluffy God... sometimes, we're put to a task in which challenges our faith, no... not merely of his existence, but experiencing and looking from a bigger picture... I used to think of Art as bigger than anything... Art defines me, Art is my life. But.. the truth is, although I was not accepted into Top Arts, I've came to a conclusion that... Art does not define my world, maybe.. there is a purpose of not being accepted into Top Arts, maybe... my distraction towards the last couple of weeks of October was not coincidental.. Maybe I was so focused into expanding my knowledge in Art.. I lost focus at the very last crucial minute of the Unit. Maybe....
The truth is, God has done wonders in impacting and reaching out to people of all nation, but for those who knows of him... could even be the ones questioning their place in God, or God's place in them... It's this trigger within us which enables us to be hungry for God...
I repented, I cried, but I forgotten...
It was truly a great feeling of unifying this family in the name of God.

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