Saturday, April 3, 2010

Art and Craft Party!

Had my very first Art & Craft party today! :) It was awesome as everyone was truly supportive and students were amazingly co-orporative... I've always loved kids, and inspiring children with Art has always been a passion of mine.. (lollerskate, I'm passionate about everything aren't I?) I guess, anything, anything in relation to Art simply draws me closer... impacting lives in the form of Art, sounds to be like a pretty amazing idea, doesn't it? Well the day started off... with preparing for the Art and Craft party, cutting papers, getting all materials soughted, and making sure it's a time worthwhile for the kids!

Seeing as students will not be walking around and getting inspired by the outdoors. How about posting up some artworks, postcards, pretty shapes and patterns, vibrant colours, to inspire and get their minds kicking into the creativity mode.

Explaining that Art CAN be found not merely in paintings/drawings, but postcards, designs, illustrations, as long as you've got your creative hats, everything has it's potential in becoming masterpieces.

Students with their spoons!
Observational Spoon drawing.
Sounds pretty wacky?
As a matter of fact, observing your feature from a curved reflection is not much different from looking at yourself on a massive wonky mirror! This activity enables children to observe their features in a personal space and draw what seems to be ordinary, to be slightly extraordinary? :)

Super Easy D.I.Y Paper Fans :)

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