Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Top Design and Top Arts excursion today!
Above are some random snapshots taken today! :) As well as a group photo of my Studio Art classmates (: SAC was held later on today, and more Studio Art prac... ahhh! Such an emotional draining day today has been. Ah! Year 12, is getting tougher by the day... Ahhh... No time for complaints, everyone in Year 12 is experiencing the same torment and torture as I am... So tired... Also, I strive to be inspired today from Top Arts and Design, but the only emotion I've concluded with is... overwhelming intimidation. The potential and quality of works offered in the exhibition is just astounishingly beautiful! Sometimes, it just opens up your eyes of the talent available outthere... Not just at school. It's definately challenging to a personal level, of setting higher goals and aiming for the stars. BUT... the process is just... tiring. absolutely tiring.
Anywho, I've been praying heaps about guidance and gaining comfort from God. It's pretty amazing, feeling stronger in faith and knowing God will certainly lead the way of any career paths, potential directions of heading towards...
It's all good. All good.

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