Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ending with a BAM!

Sisterly Loooveeee

Next up, apart from flower hunting around the neighbourhood, later on today... It was Candice's 18th birthday! Busy Busy day it's been... but very fullfilling indeed.
Beautiful Candi turned 18!

In the photos above, I've attempted in styling my hair sideways? and trying out blue/gold eyeshadow.. I've never really been a make-up person.. but I guess everything's worth a try... Make-up's a form of Art too (: My day's been a mixture of Fun, Relaxation, Inspiration and... yawns... Better get going to sleep soon. Too ze tired... Back to books tomorrow, It has truly been an awesome week over the holidays... Truly enjoyable. Goodnight everyone!


K i m - A n h said...

i really liked your side swept fringe and also your blue and gold eyeshadow!! you looked beautiful :)

Sherry said...

Thanks Kim Anh! :)