Thursday, April 15, 2010

Human Anatomy

Hello Everbody, :) Haven't blogged in abit...
Above are some drawing shots taken from my Studio Art visual diary. (: I'm currently learning about the human anatomy, in structuring one's outlook figure. The bone structure, is evident in structuring the appearance of the figure... last year I've taken the time and effort in learning all about the feature.. of people from various generation.. Saggy skin, youthful skin, texture, variation of lines, various art mediums.. Yes, last year I've accomplished a fair bit (:
As for 2010, I've decided to focus.. rather than the feature... I've chosen to concerntrate on figures.. complexity and flexibility versus simple and structural.
& Here you goo..
The beginning of my art journey in 2010,
love your neighbour as yourself (:


DZ-07 said...

That is quite the workload you've done :O


Sherry Ng said...

thanksyousozemuch ;)