Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Gift

Seeing as Mother's Day's exactly in a week, It's good to get a head start on what kind of art&craft activity should be taught to ze kids! Well after google searching, and some evaluation.. I really wanted to break the stereotype trend of making photoframes or crafty flowers... Mother's day is more than that. It's about appreciation, and thankfullness towards our moms; The ones who pretty much sacrifieced their "life" for us. My mum in particular has sacrifieced her time, her life, and her chances of spending quality time with my dad. (fyi They're not divorced) Dad's a businessman around the world, mum's here looking after us cheekybums. Well.. The thought stirred up as I went shopping for crafty materials at Riot, inexpensive and creative... was what I was aiming for...
And what better way than to create art while being able to spend quality time with your mum?
This shall be me and my kiddies secret message to our mums. Heh. No worries, no mum of theirs read this blog, hence I'm safe. (:

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