Friday, June 25, 2010


Darren and I have been friends for a couple of years now. He's been an encouraging, supportive, and definately a caring friend to have. Our friendship has developed over the years, from newbies at school, to friends, and now the best of friends.. We've learnt to love the utmost disgusting thing about each other, he'd fart over the phone and I'd show him my nailless toe.. As Hannah Montana quotes "Nobody's perfect" Hence, Darren and I... We have each other... and I really don't mind if he resembles a Gorilla... (: Seventh time Darren~

My ideal date, does not involve cuddling up in a cinema... does not involve a romantic dinner, does not involve pricey gifts infact the cheaper the better... My ideal date is... to be involved in any sort of adventure!

Here are some snapshots on our Friday Adventure: :)

Art Galleries are essential.
"I know so much about this painting" *sarcasm depicted*
Another Art Gallery (:
Different Styles of Painting (:

Beautiful Architecture located at Brunswick
French Maid costumes for both females and MALES. *shocks*
Two storey filled with second-hand books (:
Random but Awesome.
Darren playing snakes and ladders lol
An exhibition gallery of Lynette Smith and Denise Higgins.
So I spoke to the curator of this exhibition, and I've been told that this artist is origanally a glass artist. She begins to explore the retraction of light and the rotation of glass plates in creating a sense of rhythm and light on the wall.. As the rotation of the glass differs from one another, this becomes a spectacular exhibition to watch.. incorporating light and movement... is just beautiful

This artist although revolving around the same subject matter has approached art in a different manner, a number of her artworks are captured from streetlights found in Brunswick, then photoshopping the image to a radial structure, incorporating the lights into a symmetrical pattern. Nature into design.

We came across a number of Opshops too! But this one was sooo fancy.. it looked as it it was a boutique instead of an opshop. Beautifully decorated with heaps of fancy items for sale (:
Last but not least, different shots taken today of birds...
Birds in artworks
Birds in the streets
Birds with human legs


DZ07 said...

7th time :O

haha bird with legs. Gee wow what a shocker that must've been

sigh sigh
It was funn



Sherry said...

it was pretty fun :)