Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DNA Camp!

Diversity Nations Anointed Camp
I was away to Sydney over the weekend, it was awesome! 13 hours of bus ride, stopping at Maccas... Having only Aud20 in my wallet, just enough to cover my essential needs...
DNA in this context stands for Diversity Nations Anointed... A diverse ethnic and culture variety amongst our nation gathered under one roof in hoping to experience God, to grow in faith, to experience the Holy Spirit.
Unfortunately only one photo was taken with my camera of our youth camp, it was a short three days stay at Sydney but definately a fun fun experience..Jesus wants to meet us personally every single day. He wants to be welcomed into our homes and share a relationship with us... When I first came across that sentence, I would struggle to understand it's meaning... how do I share a relationship with Jesus Christ personally? However, after the experience of camp, being touched again by the holy spirit... that personal encounter with God is so sacred.. It is no question that God is real... Psalm 66 verse 18 "If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me" In previous times, I'd used to pray before I sleep.. praying sometimes feel as if I'm talking to myself and occasionally wondering if God is really listening... To have cleanliness and purity in my heart, is to repent to God. Returning home from camp has given me a new perspective... to love the world with Jesus' love. :)


clara said...

hi darling!!

im so glad to hear that DNA camp was great for you, and will be praying for you that the fire stays hot and blazing for our God and that He'll keep showing Himself to you(:


Sherry Ng said...

Hellooo Claraa..
omggosh I just read ur comment (:
thanks for the prayers clara thanks so much (:

I'll see you on Friday (: