Sunday, August 22, 2010

Akiane, child prodigy

Artwork at the age of 5
6 years of age
7 years of age
8 years of age
9 years of age
10 years of age
11 years of age
12 years of age
13 years of age
15 years of age
So, Mummy and I was watching videos on YouTube during our mother-daughter bonding time.. (lol, that's how we are) We came across this artist... She is astonishingly incredible at what she does... Started drawing at the age of four... with visions of God in her mind, "It was difficult at times" she said... As her mother initially thought it was just a dream, but her family definitely saw something special in this little girl. Today, at the age of 16, She wakes up at every morning to paint... continuously painting throughout the years... She now owns her own gallery. (click on the site below) She writes poetry and paints her visions on canvas...
Take a look at her paintings, they are utterly incredible! :)


Dynamix said...

Brilliant lol
you'll probably be the akiane of architecture once you get it going :D

aku cintai awak :)

Sherry Ng said...

i love you too :)