Monday, August 30, 2010

My Journal

The story behind this book. This is my journal.
Like any other journal, they are very important to their owners... Apart from my yearly resolutions, daily planning, and art class schedules!! contact numbers, important dates..motivational quotes, bible versus, architecture sketches, and weekly weight record etc.

As my friend always says.. "It is the BEST way of tracking me if I went missing"

It is a record of my life, literally.
Several weeks ago, as I was just repeating the same old routine, just like every other day... Attending school, going back from school, going for Studio Art, then coming home. the usual on going routine... I realized my notebook/journal was no longer in my... bag.. frantic I was. searching up and down, high and low.. called Maccas, Box hill, looked into the common room and the library... for my beloved journal. The feeling of your life slipping away, all because of one book. A book that listed my daily routine from waking up, to shower, to weighing myself. Yes. I have an odd way of expressing OCD.

So.. the loss of my book really did affect me in more ways than one.. I was infront of the computer, stalking all day on Facebook. When Darren called and asked how I was.. "Nothing" was all that was accomplished that day. I had no life.

Darren was concerned, hence went and bought me a new book. The exact same design from Smiggle. (Thanks Lalchand!) I had my life back within 24 hours! Woop!!

So life went on as usual... with my shiny new journal...

Up till today....

As the lunch bell rang, Darren and I walked to the library to get some books for my next lesson. It was all smiles and laughs when Darren and I are together... until... a familiar face came in the picture... hidden within one of the pigeon holes was... a notebook... a notebook much like my new book... but my new book was in my hands? hmm. It's probably just someone elses I thought. Though it is a very uncommon book, I've bought the exact same book for my friend... perhaps it's hers, I thought. I went forward and took the book.. flipped to the first page. and...
"OH MY GOSH. it's my handwritting. my 2010 New Years Resolution!! "
Looking back at Darren... "I found my boooooook!!"
I flipped to the next couple of pages... thinking "YAYAYAYAYAYYYY"
Only to find out the whole section of my handwritings and note-taking was ripped off the boook. I flipped further to the next few pages.
My book has been defiled and vandalized by a freaking freaking Primary School Kid.

My journal. looks the same old or new.
Bitching began since Primary. Who knew.
Obviously, this Nina isn't too favourable.
She likes pads.
More scribbles on my book!
Seriously.. Primary school kids should know that STEALING isn't good. and Scribbling on someone elses book is BAD.

....I'm telling on you....


Krystleng said...

omg look at what they are drew/wrote. Little devils.. tsk tsk

Sherry Ng said...

sigh sigh
hopeless they are..

Anonymous said...

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