Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A visit to Fitzroy

A visit to the following art galleries today
  • Australian Galleries- works on paper
  • Australian Galleries- painting and sculpture
  • Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces
  • Dianne Tanzer Gallery
A visit to both public and commercial art galleries, Do you know what the differences are? I decided to bring my sister along to my school excursion... Although she need not know the differences between both public and commercial galleries, I was glad I brought her along to our interesting day out.. She captured heaps of photos on her Nintendo DS and so did I on my camera... It certainly was wonderful looking at the different kinds of art, and ways of marketing artworks in the industry. From the upper end of artworks selling at 16,000 to the ones as low as... free. The participation of audience in an artwork can be quite interesting and meaningless.... at times... :)

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Dynamix said...

Die b**tch

lol classic
that's all i got out of that day
hah good that they allow u to bring ur sister along? ;-) oooo

i love you ! ;)