Friday, December 24, 2010

Krabi Trip

Krabi, Thailand was amazing!!
Great beaches and islands, great food, great shopping, and great time with the family, everything was perfect in the last five days, and it's definitely been worthwhile spending some time away with my family before heading back to Melbourne on Wednesday.
It's been an enjoyable trip so far with Port Dickson, visiting some rain forests, waterfall, beaches, and now THAILAND!

Day 1

Here's a photo of my sister and I before...
(flying to Krabi)

We felt very welcomed having elephant folded towels on our beds at Aonang Buri Resort

The pool was easily accessible from our hotel rooms.

Nai Nai (Grandmother) and I

She's amazingly fit and energetic for a 80 year old, it amazes me too that she was swimming from one end to another while my sisters and I were fooling around with the camera...

Hah! Underwater Camera!

Here's my parents looking great in their super sexy swimwear

Papa and Mummy looks constipated...

Glimpse of the shops at Ao nang Beach, Thailand.

The difference between shopping in Asian and Caucasian countries is that in some areas (like Ao Nang) it's always a necessity to know how to bargain.. Their asking price could sometimes be ridiculous and yet with others, quite reasonable. You never know when to call out a price, and they'll never help you out with it either...

On the first day, I bought a bikini for 400baht (rm 40) (aud 13) Although their asking price was 750 baht. From much of the reviews I've came across before arriving to Thailand, it was advised that we always HALVE the asking price.. However, on the second day, just further down the street, I purchased another set of bikini.. for 250 baht, in turn (rm25) (aud8)

I know I know, its not much of a difference after converting to Aud dollars BUT every dollar counts when your not earning the money (:

A girl on a mission for cheap buys!

Day 2 Phi Phi Island Tour

I'll make a video after this post, given that these photos seriously doesn't do this tour justice.. The water was crystal clear, tourists were sexy in their bikinis and... underwear... witnessing my grandma showing off her assets on the beach was priceless, and photographing some beautiful corals at three different islands was a first. (:

Snapshot of the Island and the Speedboat (:

Wind breezing through Nai Nai and Qi Qi

Daddy and I (:

More Snapshots of beaches and Speedboats

Snorkeling time

Told you my grandma is COOL (:

Family Shot (:

I love how this shot shows everyone's activities, a girl in modeling along the longboat, a couple looking back at the photograph they've taken, and the beautiful scenery in the background.

Two ways of traveling, Speedboat or Longboat.. Longboat looks rather stylish (:

Nai Nai keeping up to the technology with her very own video camera!

"You look at the world around you, right here at the ocean floor
Down here all the fish surrounds you, what more are you looking for?"

Peace Out from Down Under ;)

I love it when my father takes us on a vacation, I seriously do...
He's almost as cool as my grandma (;

Fact : Fishes love Pineapple (:

Day 3 Hot Springs, Crystal Pool, Jungle Trekking, and Tiger Cave Temple Tour

Dipping into beneficial mineral that is supposedly good for the skin? health? I dono.
It was certainly relaxing and warm (:

Crystal Pool (: heaps of courageous women in their bikinis...

Tiger Cave Temple (:

Elephant Jungle Trekking

Absolutely love this shot, its captures the whole family jungle trekking, the beautiful nature ground, and my attempt to capture a good shot when this is far more spectacular (:

Day 4 drive to Krabi Town

A drive down to Thara Park for a quick lunch at a nearby restaurant.. Oh my gosh, their fried fish with mango salad was truly memorable, and tom yam... was yum yum "syok betul", and their crab salad.. was non like I've ever seen. (:

Spot the odd one out?

Everyone pulling silly faces!

Qi Qi modelling in her new tropical dress (:

What's a holiday without a photo whoring shot? (:

How about TWO? :D

Crab Salad :B

Unlike anything I've ever seen. D:

Day 5 : Last Minute shopping and shooting (:

Shooting Range
Yes everyone, my sisters ambition is to be an all time gangster.. and this is just the beginning...

lots and lots of love,


Krystle Ng said...

I love it! :) Wish I had gone with you. See u on Sunday & we'll go dating! Love love!

Sherry Ng said...

Yes Krystle jiejie, we'll definitely have to go datingg (: on Sunday :D
love you!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow love your post on Krabi, thanks for advice on bargain.