Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sea Turtle in the Jungle

Grade 1's swimming sea turtle artwork

This week the grade 1 and 2 learnt the simple steps to draw a sea turtle. Besides learning about the shapes and details of the sea turtle. They began drawing the swimming sea turtles and coloured it in oil pastels. The students then had to scrunch up the paper into a ball to create an interesting texture. After flattening the paper, we then painted a wash of blue paint over the uncoloured area and sprinkled on salt to create a flower-like spot. (This is because each crystal of salt chases away the pigment to make a lighter area beneath it ) This beautiful project challenges the students to experiment with different mediums while learning to colour their sea turtles beautifully by mixing a range of oil pastels.

Grade 3's wild life jungle artwork

This week the grade 3 continued on their beautiful wild life artwork. As I introduced perspective and depth to the students we also learnt about the different types of wild life animals. The students were able to draw a variety of animals in their artwork with a few tips and tricks shown to them. The basic shapes of the animals enabled the students to quickly draw animals from different angles. The students then coloured their artwork in colored pencils. Although both artworks were unfinished, I am tremendously happy with their work, they will soon be completing the artwork next week. (:

New Whiteboard for my students!
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