Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm back

I have been away for the past couple of months, adjusting to Uni life, enjoying the social life, and trying to survive in my course.. :) Pretty much sums it up. :) Although it does seem that this blog has officially been abandoned, I promise that as soon as I get life back on track, I WILL blog more often. Despite not blogging on this blog, I have been regularly updating my facebook page. I know, that's no excuse but life is constantly getting busier by the day, and it feels as if there's no time to blog when life revolves around going to uni, getting back from uni, and sleep. However, when Michelle Phan was my age, she was posting up make up tutorials while juggling between illustration college and blogging. She truly is inspirational to many, and lol obviously to me. :) Anyway Semester 1 has officially ended, and exams started this week. To those who are undergoing exams, ALL THE BEST! :)

I am a girl with mindblowingly-enormously-gigantic goals, but still an ordinary girl nonetheless.

This blog is now back and running, and will be constantly updated during mid year break. :) Stay tuned and Have a beautiful day.

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