Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday-walked all the way to the glen (1.8miles)about 37degrees. Regardless of the weather, it was time for some exercise ;) applied for an overall of 15 jobs and only had 1 call back. Laugh My Arse Off//
Most of them had questions such as: are you experienced? How old are you? do you work during school hours?
grr..i was so close to crying, seriously.. after 1.8miles of walking up&down hill,and having to fake a smile while sending out my resumes,i couldn't think of anything worse. not to mention.. PUTTING UP WITH REJECTIONS. grrrr
sunday- slightly better than the day before.. shopping @ camberwell. ;) vintage. bought 4 tops for 10 bucks :) woop woop~ 3 for $2 // 1 for $4 wotta bargain!
&& for now, i cbb getting out from the chair.. Sooo.. guess i'll be here for a whilee checking out blogs. shalalalala~
Only because chris evans acted in it *drools*
~p.s there's a slight chance that i'll be going to hk next week
change of plans :( sherryberry's not going to hk afterall *sighers*
kk updates on the high&low lights of moi week.
cityboostjuice chadstonekokoblack ;) Jellparklovelychat HappyCupbubbletea WaverleyChristianCollegeapplication *fingers crossed* desserts day+night "doughnuts getting bigger by the day" WATCHEDshes the MAN&&honey&&meangirls all time favourites..
time flies when your having fun, unquestionably true.
wotta quick 3 weeks it has been, spending every hour of the day with krystleNgmeiee :( and looking back the previous weeks, apart from having desserts all day and how much weight we've put on. this hols has been truly memorable :) No doubt on that, we wud never have an end to our conversation it seems. i farted, laughed, even pee'd in my tights. and only 1 person could get this outta me.. seriously. even having our lil walks along jells park, was satisfying. & i just wanted to thank her for giving us such great happiness on this holiday, it wouldve never felt the same without you.
i need pictures!lol

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