Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Celebrate good times c'mon!"

"3 cheers to the arrival of mummy wong && Qiqi ng"

who knew an auntie&&niece.. would end up, as bestfriends.

~what lies beneath the book of vianimobili?

Alrighty, I shall blog about my day. && Since it's the last day of hols. A blogpost as long as the great wall of China awaits! ;D behold..

Though both my aims for the hols has yet to be achieved, But I'm working on it ;) It's the initiativity&&action that matters more. (: ever heard of action speaks louder than words? Why Im begining to nurture goodhabits into my life. && shall update more on....

eating healthy ;)

Besides that, I've begun to draw and caught up a wee bit with my artistic side. Took a walk to Jells Park earlier this evening, & surprisingly found nothing inspirational. Yes, I've heard of the saying. You can find inspiration everywhere.anywhere.anytime.anyday. Yet.. this time, I tried searching as I walked around but.. failed to pull out the desire to draw? Well I did have the initiative, no doubt.. But the skills&&techniques required to draw? For instance.. I was holding up my pencil yeh.. but couldn't start drawing as if Im afraid I'll stuff up the whole piece. Instead.. I started following my emotions and feelings.. and unfortunately, it turned out.. completely different -.- It's always nice expressing yourself on paper, but a true artist needs artistic ability to see what they draw, && draw what they see.

~yet failed to do so

Once again, Sherry's back in her comfy seat.. typing away at her old&&dusty keyboard. As I was saying.. this is supposedly an ultra Long blogpost wasnt it? School reopens on Wednesday for me. Unlike most others which is tomorrow. ;) Year10s of Waverley Christian College will be having their formal on the 14th of July. and a day off on Tuesday. :) I've learnt to love my body for the way it is. :) took me time..

~till then

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