Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going to a christian school, was not an option, but a decision
That thought just randomly came in mind.. thinking back to lastnight's discussion..
We're commonly mistaken as those who follows the rules due to our religion, but hardly known for our faith. It's always,..
Did your mum made you follow those rules? (ex: not swearing,sexually active)
But the truth is.. being a christian was not an option for me, but a decision. Unlike food, when we're sometimes in control of the food we consume, as for christianity.. I chose to be a follower of Christ..

Life seem meaningless till i met God

If he was able to heal the sick, blind and dead.. what makes you think. your worth nothing more?
I was completely blown away when I heard this song, unlike the others which I've heard. This is utterly unique (in my opinion) yet truly inspirational.. Though some of us (including me) might question our faith at times, especially when your feeling distant from God.
It was infact his love that healed my wounded heart.
Tip of the day: (what happens when the weather gets dry & your skin gets dry with it?)

don't forget to moisturize!

&& drink your tea ;)

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