Sunday, August 24, 2008

First off, A massive shoutout to daddy's arrival! Haven't seen him since my last HK trip. (approximately 4months) (:

Secondly, a LOUDER shout out to Qiqi's 6th Birthday bash (:
Hurried to The Glen at 11am, and got my face&body paints.. Though I still have symptoms of flu from a couple of days ago, nothing's gonna ruin my 2 weeks worth of planning...

Finally experimented on an actual breathing human-being. :)
Though I have to agree, practice does build up your confidence (:
mustering the techniques you've learnt from practice exercises, having fun with limited choices of paints. (red,yellow,blue,black,white)

Experimented on Hayley after..

& the Birthday Girl! a year older, yet always a little girl in my eyes (:
Turned up and already a couple of kids insisted to have their faces painted...
Thankfully, with help from GraceJiejie.. everything turned out pretty well, with a couple more happy butterflies and tigers hustling around Playzone.


ze Tiger's on the lose :)

butterflies fluttering by..? lol

rawring butterflies (:

my adorable niece

woosh* & down they slide

Happy 6th Birthday!!!

she sure seems happy! (:

Wrapping it up,a with a photo taken with daddy :)

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