Saturday, September 27, 2008

Job Application Day

Job Application Day!
Been spending stacks of money lately (not intentionally), though it might not be much in Aus currency,Then again... in a financially struggling family, I shouldn't be spending a penny. Precisely why I should get a job, should'nt I?
Therefore, instead of bumming like I usually would.. I had my official motivation to lose weight compatibility partner *wink* accompanying me whilst handing out my resumes with an UBER cheesy smile upon my rounded face! (SO CUTE)

Made simple craft with my beloved, googly eyes stuck on round cotton buds back home.

supposedly lil multicolored chics :)

Followed by bball on the court, since mummy's gained a few pounds and so have I. All thanks to no work, no worries, luxurious cars.. cream, milk, food, GLEN WAVERLEY SHOPPING CENTRE. the list goes on...
we've decided (once again) to head to the nearby court down the road and shoot afew goals, whilst spending quality time with one another.
See my point?
reliving her bball days..
a photo's worth a thousand words
"I'm fatter than you!"
Pretty fun day overall, *yawns*
Life in my opinion is unfortunately getting harder by the day, without a job to cover my expenses hurts. digging 50dollar notes outta my teddybank hurts even more.. As much as I dislike working in the Hospitality Industry.. temptation of sweets, cakes, and everything else! A 16 year old like me ought to be pleased having a job, and getting paid at the usual rate.
Ah why in the world did I quit??

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