Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spring is Here!

A tad late for this, but Spring is here!
Any of you (me) still potato-coaching back home thinking, I'll lose 5 pounds when the weather starts to get warmer. stay where you're at, and give yourself a smack in the head! Because it's been two whole weeks since Spring began, and that mindset would NOT take you anywhere but... the kitchen digging for more food.

Shake off the winter rust, and rejoice! Because Spring is here!

Just a quick blog post before I head on with Art. Unquestionably, Undeniably, so.. Art has taken up three quarters of my time, along with work, school, and assignments. Grr.. isn't it frustrating when there's so much to do, yet so little time. Theres hardly anytime for procrastination either. But as Kat mentioned in my comment below, (thanks Kat) Turn our eyes to Jesus. I've got much to learn, as far as anything goes. Life, God, the Bible, and Art.
In the midst of neglecting my blog, Life has been pretty amusing despite working all day/ :)
I'm currently a trainee at work, -Wendy's milkshakes and icecream. There's really more to this job than meets the eye.. Opening and closing stores, janitorial duties, serving customers, refilling the soft serve machines, making the soft serves, making sausage rolls, refilling the ice-creams, and washing the dishes! As for school? Art just creeps into my mind all throughout the day, how am I meant to hand in all my annotations and visual diary by tomorrow? and yet taking time out to blog here? Well Blogging is optional. And I am in need for some "blogging-time".
Neglecting my blog has... been... well... I haven't had the time to reflect on life, neither have I been praying.
In our current generation, we're so easily swayed into the busy-ness of life. It seems almost impossible to take some time out for God, I've always always been told, take some time out, spend some time with God, and everything will start to make sense. It's refreshing, and beautiful... To not focus so much on oneself, but to the bigger, more powerful Creator. Yet difficult. Speaking from experience, when one's caught up in the midst of everything. It's indeed hard to admire the beauty of life. As everything begins to go downhill.
Yes LiFe. VCE. aRt. CaReer. FutUrE. is all important in the eyes of many.
It's tough to step back from such selfish mindset, but today I challenge myself....

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