Sunday, May 9, 2010



Haven't posted up a proper blogpost in awhile... School's been pretty hectic over the past couple of days, both Viscom and Studio Art folios are handed in this month! More Practice SACS and Exams handed to us... I guess.. this is where everyone begins to step up their game. Above's a pretty pretty photo of me, lol yes.. I'm admitting that I've chosen the prettiest photo to post up. lol. It's been awhile since I camwhored.. It's time like these... when someone's in a middle of work, and the laptop's just right beside them.. instead of chatting on facebook/msn (seeing as I'm currently on a facebook/msn fast) the next entertaining activity, was to camwhore on webcam! LOL. admiring my... ability to manipulate. lolololollerskate. Bleh.

Today's been awesome! I love my classes with ze kids! When amazing (me) and amazing (children) comes together, something AMAZING happens!

In the next couple of days, workload will bound to increase... more seminars will be on in Universities.. and I am expected to attend... given that the future's currently a blurr.. and at this point of time in life... I'm really unsure of the future. Good or Bad. I'm taking any opportunity that lies ahead...

Hopefully you're all regularly visiting my new DANCINGCANVASSTUDIO blog. Every week, me and the students will come up with amazing artworks, as well as to inspire and teach the little ones to draw, to create, to dream .......and to clean up! ;)

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