Saturday, December 18, 2010

Start Fresh

My sincere apologies everyone, I have been rather occupied in the last couple of weeks... Flying back and forth KL and Melbourne.

I know I have not been blogging lately, given that I just arrived in Malaysia but was recently back in Melbourne for a Bachelor of Architecture Interview at RMIT. I am currently spending my last couple of weeks in Malaysia, enjoying the food and the luxury of shopping. In the next couple of days, my family and I will be down at Thailand on a family vacation, snorkeling, kayaking, touring around the city, and hopefully rock climbing... (:

Home has been great (although I classify both Melbourne and Malaysia my home); I am aware that blogging has not been my priority during the last couple of weeks, but I've decided to start fresh, and to continue where I left off...

In the last couple of months I have attended several University interviews, I didn't reveal details on my blog because personally, I wasn't confident of being capable of achieving a reasonable ATAR, I knew that it was a bumpy ride during exam period, and I also knew that given the circumstance that I was in, it was almost impossible for me to achieve a high ATAR. However after VCE was over, I finally realized the importance of my future and that I still had a chance of making a difference, and turning my dreams to reality.

I applied for the Bachelor of Architecture at RMIT, and out of 1500 applicants, it turns out that I was one of the 300 students who were shortlisted for an interview... that is amazing news isn't it? Now that I'm back from my interview... I can honestly say, that everything happens for a reason. What don't break you, makes you stronger...

It was unfortunate that I fell sick a day before, and my illness became worse the following day... It was difficult for me present myself professionally in front of my interviewers, but this is reality. I walked into the room with three university staff members, graduate and a current student, they were all constantly bombarding me with questions that required an answer at the spot.. It was hard answering their questions as I was barely alive myself... BUT, I'm happy and appreciative of my parents support and my VCE result...

Why do I want to be an Architect?

Throughout the years I have created works of art from personal imaginations and inspirations. I have aspirations of becoming someone in this world, someone who is known to be both an artist and an architect. To convey my creative ideas into reality has been the ultimate dream, my parents have been extremely supportive in sending me to Melbourne, known as the top 10 most livable cities in the world, but more importantly, where creative ideas come to life.

I want to be an Architect because I strongly believe there are opportunities for Melbourne to grow; as architects, we have a duty in creating a more livable, comfortable, functional lifestyle yet taking into
consideration factors that are occurring in our environment today. I want to be apart of a community where creative intellects unite and ideas are met; Santiago Calatrava, a world renowned Architect calls himself an Artist, his explorations of the human anatomy is evident in several of his buildings; one of which is L’Hemisfèric (Planetarium) located at Valencia, Spain. The symbolism of the eye represents the knowledge which one perceives; the structure of this elliptical shell and elliptical pod cradles like the pupil of the eye. It is iconic inventions like these which triggers my passion, it is a challenge to be creative and still be able to create a multi-functional infrastructure, but that is a challenge that I am eager to endeavor in.

To be a great architect, is to be a great poet. I can’t stress enough of how much I would want to be in this course, but within this period of time of understanding architecture, a great architect is an interpreter of his time, his day, and his age. That is who I am before knowing architecture even existed, I am an artist who acknowledges the beauty surrounding me, I record my day in a sketchbook, taking photographs on the plane looking down and the beautiful cityscape, and my favorite place in the world is my art technology building at school.

Architecture provides a shelter for people; it is a form of art that most people can relate to, the acoustics and lighting, interior and exterior, structure and aesthetics are merged so immaculately to embrace the innovative architecture that architects have created. I acknowledge that architecture is like music frozen in time, architecture defines a sense of heritage of a particular time capsule. It would be greatly appreciated if I could be given this opportunity to prove that one’s imagination and ideas integrated with knowledge in Architecture, future architects will be able to provide more sustainable and innovation living to the future generation.
My father once told me one of God’s greatest gifts to the world is the challenges we face in life; the constant struggle to overcome obstacles, to constantly grow each day, and improve in every way. Architecture is a journey with no absolute destination, we are always learning everyday about the projects we are given, the advancement of technology, how to constantly improve for a better tomorrow.
I am a person who strives in every possible way to be creative; before acknowledging my passion for architecture, I have choreographed dances for school productions, I have designed my own fashion garments, I have produced a range of artworks, and I have also participated in numerous art competitions. Recently I have also started a community art and craft class for children to be creative by the exploration and experimentations of different projects.
This year I have challenged myself by broadening my horizon with a project I completed in Visual Communication and Design, I chose to design a church because architecture was and is still foreign to me. I strived to explore the unknown and unfamiliar, I am an adventurer. I acknowledge that the skills gained from the various projects, has helped me greatly as I am constantly learning and taking up challenges that lies ahead of me. I believe if given this opportunity, I would walk in as an aspiring architect, and to walk out with a vision to inspire others.
~ Sherry Ng

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