Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 so far...

Special effects on lifecam ^^
I look like those dolls with massive googly eyes!

I know, I know I ought to be out there dancing in the rain, enjoying the holidays while I still can...
But like I said before (the post on Melbourne arrival) there's just so much to do, Art Class curriculum for this year (a tad late but I can do it!), a promise I made to myself to read about Architecture, Interior Architecture at least 30 minutes everyday, personal investments, and my job at the restaurant, oh not to mention.. Evaluating on my business, the marketing, operational and financial plan of the art class. I really shouldn't blabber on too much, but you get the drift. (:

Last year was a good year for my art class, one lesson per week grew to two lessons! Course goals were established, and the children definitely enjoyed their time in Dancingcanvas Art and Craft. It's seriously more than just the establishment of courese goals, instructions for students, and organizing of materials... Last year was a good year, given the circumstance of VCE and still maintaining the growth of Dancingcanvas art class. But this year will be a better year ^^ A business do not plan to fail, but it fails to plan. A good Art Class is tied with a good curriculum; A good business is married to passion, persistence, and self discipline. It can be done, you just have to have the confidence. (:

How has everybody's 2011 been so far? I hope it has been great for you all as it has for me.

A new storage trolley I bought for the students this year (apart from materials)

beautiful isn't it?

Life is seriously like this 10 drawer chrome trolley.
Our life is a mess without planning and organization
Taking that step further might just save you a heap of time, money,equipment and labor
It's about doing things right, and doing the right things.


kat said...

hi sherry!! haha first comment for 2011 ^^ im so happy to hear that ur art classes are going well and ur proud of ur achievements in 2010 - go sherry! will u still study this year or focus on ur business? hope u have a super-fun art-filled friend-filled year :P n if u get stuck im still here haha
love, kat

Sherry said...

hi kat ^^
I'll be studying in Melbourne Uni this year (: and also focusing on my artclass ^^
busy busy how about u? :) how's music/art?

kat said...

congratulations on getting into melb uni, you've got to show me some of ur architecture designs when u start!! music is good - got into monash which is exciting, although i will probably have less time to do art :'( and now i have you're not working at wendy's anymore? (yay! for you and darren)

Sherry Ng said...

Oh I quit Wendy's when I was in year 12, the other two jobs were Sofias and Michel's Patisserie (:
braces? (: What colour are they ^^ Did you choose a colour? (: