Friday, October 26, 2007

it's time.. get a new camera :)

its the time of the month, and surprisingly.. sherryberry's isnt feeling emotional, not at all. infact Im feeling ratha emotionless.blank.impassive.deadpan.

there's no excitement in mi life to be excited about,its always been the same old routine... how much i crave for excitement. the trill and enthusiam from roller coaster rides, the pleasure of going out till late at night. WHY? everyone my age is basically's acting older than they should be. everyone's fkin smoking and taking drugs. (eiw much?) my point is, im not expecting to have the same amount of freedom, but something that i used to enjoy doing so much now turned to somehting that constantly upsets me on the daily basis.
~im just not pleased aite?

wooop woop** im satisfied.
watta coincidence.. when i was whining mi head off 3hours agoo, lol (sarcasm) grace jiejie called and asked if i'd wanna go to chaddy with herr.. i instantly burst into tears!ThankGodIt'sFriday! :)
honestly, wouldn't you get sick of staying at home all day besides going to the gym and tutoring lessons? jeebus. lifeless freak much?
& worse hearing teh same old answer from ur friends when you ask em outt every weekend
*oh i Cant Be Bothered*
anywho, had a girls night out with mi cousins at chadstone! :) :) ate ice-cream. [mohahaha a total amount of 5scoops of ice-cream today] and there goes me whole week of hardwork :(
atleast im happy ;)

~the joy of revisiting "motherland"

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