Sunday, October 28, 2007

behold, :)

the trios bummed at the glen todai while mummy went for church :)

teh bunny and mee :)

supposedly teh boar nd monkey

roosterr nd the frog ;)

lol, we practically walked in the sticker booth and grabbed every weird-looking hat that caught our eye, then walked out without getting ne stickers. jeebus, no wonder teh shop person kept staring at us. lmao. great fun we haddd :)

went for the 6.15 church service lastnight, about "sacred sex". who knew, sex was meant to be god's gift for us. soz, i didnt :( and i really got me thinking when pastor mark said "Sexuality is such an important part of our personal lives and because we now live in such a highly sexualised culture it is vital that we catch God's perspective on it." though most people look at sex in a total different perspective, and sometimes wonder, why is it SO important to be "pure" self kept. well firstly, sex- is God's creation. and he did not intend for sexually transmitted diseases, create lives for people who's unprepared and not able to put up with responsibilities, and broken hearts.
& a quote that stood out for me, "it doesnt matter of picking the right person however, its how u's work things through"

yes, it is worth the wait
for the best has yet to come.

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