Friday, October 5, 2007

typical teenage issues

As a teenager you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you.

sherryberry's had a pretty tough day overall, with everything happening all in the same day.. tears, joy, anger, sadness, concern, embarrasment.

but before i go to that, i'll just start of with something less complicated.sighers,yep :) Carajoseph slept over at my house last night, had heaps of fun *cough* watching shooters, lmao. not exactly since msn was far more interesting, with friends from all over entertaining me. its funny of what technology cud do these days ey? msn. the perfect example. solving relationship issues, recovering broken hearts, & unboring the bored. while, cara on the other hand was watching shooters, lol basically ab lol.. shooters? *cough* interesting.. watched meet the robinson and ocean's 13 after, grins* at the motto from meet the robinson [keep moving forward]

"from mi previous blog on myspace"

on the otha hand, meet the robinson was no doubt an awesum movie!
love the multi personalities in the characters. love the singing frogs. love the motto of the movie.
-keep moving forward-
yep all i need to keep in mind for now, with everything going on..when u thought everything's over, it somehow bounces bak to you before u know it.. whenever u've finally had the feeling of letting him goo.. he somehow comes bak outta nowhere nd starts talking to u again.. nd thas when u realised, u've never actually made an effort to get over him, instead.. ur just relying on time to solve the problem..indeed it does, but not all. plus, it hurts whenever u's start talking again..nd knowing thas a limitation to your friendship, unlike the times when you can hug each otha for no particular reason, lookin in their eyes.. saying i love you nd truly meaning it.
dream on..

nah, no point holding onto the past, what's gone can never come back..but instead, simply just keep moving forward.

posted up a month ago~

finally met up with my biffle today! woop woop* jeez havent got a chance to catch up with her on the hols, and when we actually COULD catch up, this came up. yeh, the issue i was on about since the very begining.. the main reason why i stopped smiling, eventho i got to see my biffle again.
*drum rolls*
last months phone bill has just arrived.
unfortunately it was higher than mi previous ones add up, try $750 :(
but most of teh fon calls werent entirely from mi, but my dad.
mi fon calls were about $250 im guessing?

got told off by both my parents, and the punishment goes on..., guess wot?i've gotta get the same amount of money within 2 days? and how the hell am i possibly gonna get tht much amount of money in tym?

go figure.

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