Wednesday, October 3, 2007

dimsim never lookd this great!

dimsim never lookd this great!
brekkie @ gold leaf restaurant

oyster cheese, i think?

lol, surprisingly my obsession of taking photos has gone to a whole new level! lol, foood? nice. :] had boxing lesson this morning for an hour, then brekkie @ goldleaf. it was nice to be able to eat with teh whole family eventhough i had to miss out on badminton, grrr.. met up with joanna lo nd the others afta, (too many to name) bummed around, caught up with mi mates,which was goood to see, since i havent seen most of em in months! nd if i have, i havent had a serious convo with em since FOREVER.

im currently on mi single size bed, with my laptop, thinking of something to blog about? jokes.. infact, i do have something to blog about, however im facing some difficulties putting it in words. i know, sounds silly ey? yeh but unlike art, u can express yourself in any form or colours, light nd shade, thick or thin strokes, depending on your mood. writing's diff for me, well for starters, i've gotta use mi brains? lol. nd i dont seem to use it really often, especially on the hols..
Completely Irrelevant from the topic
had a talk with some of mi mates this afternoon, about relationships? and for some reason, both sexes continues to frustrate each other with their different ways of thinking? even in their teenage years? i mean i thought these stuff only happens to oldies *cough* young adults. unfortunately no?
we teenagers do have our relationship probs as well, like?
i've heard complainments about guys not caring, not showing their love towards their "girl"? and getting to wrong gifts?wrong places? not remembering their anniversary?
however,unlike young adults, they've earnt their money single-handed, and thas why, they've also got the authority to spend heaps more compared to younsters.
and one thing we've got to remember, WE as teenagers are discovering more about the opposite sex and ourselves! as we grow, and not knowing what to do's within our bones.. sometimes guys just have to be taught a lil!
every girls longing to have a relationship with trust, care, understanding, passion, and friendship.
"someone to be your crying shoulders, to be there for ur every need"
never under estimate a lame quote,lol.
but teenage guys tend to look at this in a total diff perspective, someone to have as your own, don't reckon it's a big deal about all the mushiness, although you do share a special connection.
it applies to all ages, girls have a need to feel secure, and by showing you love towards that person, wouldn't be that much of a trouble? would it? leaving ya mates for a few seconds, carefully listening how she feels, and sharing her burden. instead of just rubbing it in..
and when she talks about someone else whom you don't feel comfortable talking about, let her know.. if would make her feel appreciated. dont ask why, im just a typical teenage girl speaking her mind.dont get her a necklace if you personally don't think its pretty, OR just buying it for the sake of it. cos if ur not liking it? what makes you think she would?
thus having a relationship isn't all bad, infact it helps you discover more about what sorta guys are u into. a.k.a u'll be more experienced, and wud be wiser for the next pick. :)

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