Friday, December 28, 2007

Highlights of the week :)
monday- christmas eve (points at the previous blog)
tuesday- Christmas! :)
wednesday- Boxing day! bought 2 tops, planner & top for krystle jiejie.// Krystle's arrival! :)
thursday- bummed at brandsmart + supper at shine
friday- fountain gates shopping centre and gyming (soz cudnt make it to the beach jooo! :(
saturday- strawberry picking
sunday- brekkie at mocha jo's and bummed at glen.

funny faces.

glasses freaks

my top's sooo cooool :)

& mr happyface

krystle & friends

aljiejie krys & i @ sofia

photowhoring in soccermom's carrr (lmao)

Nextstop-strawberry farm :)

muddy feet of mine

cousins till the end

grace jiejie!

choc coated strawberries


krystle jiejie & i

soz for the uber short update, my weeks been so packed lately, i cud hardly find teh time to blog.. all thnks for krystleng grrrr.. jks :) wotta eventful week its been i must say. and its not till the end of the week yet! lol new years eve's tomorrow. though we wont be able to see fireworks in the city but nothing beats spending till with ur family ye? particularly someone u havent seen for a year!

our very own,little miss sunshine

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