Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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i love you, more than i'll ever love myself.

went christmas shopping @ caribbean market today. lol, lil gifts for family friends. Seriously it seems just yesterday when my sister still needs her baby pram wherever she goes, and hayley.. annoying as ever (she still is) but.. when they were younger.. it seemed as if i was more in control of things, i was more or likely to be responsible. looking after them WAS my only responsibility. However as they grow older, day by day, minor things show that their gradually growing up, having a mind of their own.. standing up for what they believe in. and frequently asking Why? It's freaky isnt it? looking back last night..

both sisters have graduated, from pre-school to prep, and gr6 to yr7.. "hopefully" knowing they've moved on to a totally different point of their lifes, no longer having to depend on their parents when difficulties are faced. school hours would seem longer than before, playschool wouldn't be the same, friendships would soon be forgotten..

a new journey begins...

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