Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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its hard enough for me to say this, but my sister's no longer a kid now :( & it wont be long till she turns 13, thirteen..a official "teenager" i must say. before you know it, she'll reach to the stage where boys attraction's a day to day life topic. a stage where the unfamiliar gradually becomes familiar, make-up no longer seem disgusting, getting bras wouldn't be embarrasing, & having a reputation, hollywood influence will be an obsession in one's mind. frequently feeling self-conscious, low self-esteem, socialize with friends 24-7...
i love you

1 of 2 chosen for subject award -art (amongst the school)

wheelers hill 2007 :) spotted me?
can't be happier that the year's ending soon, Though's they've been some highlights and lowlights..& this school has not been favorable eversince the 1st day i stepped into the school. However, apart from having racist fights* happening before my very eyes,education wise are way beyond bad, there are infact some highlights worth remembering & brought up.
& if i was to summarize my whole year in a sentence.. i would say, i have no regrets of what i've accomplished, for every mistake is an experience, every step i take will bring me closer to my dream. academicly i've done a fairly reasonable job i reckon. im loving what i've done, and i do what i love doing! :)
my achievements: experiecing difference areas in art, either way win or lose, i've gained experience! Hillstock production, a different form of art, more physical. & i enjoyed it heaps! job application & interviews! (woopwoop) gained some life-long friendships. last but not least, for truly being original!

smudged eyeliner,lol happy emo?

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