Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've officially abandoned my camera for nokia 6110 :(

just for the sake of convenience & the fact tht its got built in cameras on both sides of the fon, tsk tsk.. my very own mirror ;)
went shopping for Hayley's graduation dress + accessories today, bummed around at dandenong plaza, nothing really caught our attention, then bus'd to chadstone.. bummed around, bought a decent looking handbag, then bus'd back to waverley gardens. busy busy day, i must say.
watched clueless on tele, lol.. (zomg cant believe cara hasn't seen it!) though the outfits looked pretty ridiculous, well duh~ it came out in the 90s? 1995 specificly.However chick flicks are always enjoyable to watch, though it's true these films drive women to the theaters & men up the wall. we all have to agree.. chick flicks ARE specially made for us girls. :)
soon after the movie, cara insisted to watch die hard 4, lol. uhm.. a completely different genre? fighting, stunts, car chasing, explosions? not exactly my cup of tea. but it's worth watching overall :)
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