Sunday, December 16, 2007

carols by candle light (photo of the day!)
i had a photo taken with santa! :) but unfortunately some idiotic person had the ruin this once in a lifetime opportunity by sticking his effing finger on the lens! now i've gotta wait for a total of 365 days till i get my picture taken again :(
yes.. moving on, went to church with cara today, surprisingly i stayed awake through the whole service! infact, this service was far more interesting than the previous ones i went to ;)
the service was mainly about everyone is equal in the eyes of god, though heaps would be judge on both physically and mentally however, our lifes on earth are only a preperation for the best to come (heaven)
though it was only an hour of preaching, the words of god got me ticking..
recently little insecurities are crawling its way back in my head, im starting to look at myself and think that i can be better, that i can look better. my self esteem was way beyond low i had to lock myself at home, curtains drawn, all because i didn't want to face the world, looking how i've been breaking out.
guess i've gotta start appreciating myself, and feel good about the way god created me to be.

yes, no way some fingers getting in the way!


painted canvas of God's love..

so cute!

the wong family ;)

my very 1st niece!

&loving her to bits

more chips please?


easily recognised.

big bad wolf & lil red riding hoood?

missing baby?dial xxx-xxxx-xxx

ze stage :)


cousins till the end

one big happy family! :)

carols by candlelight @ jells park

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~3 cheers for the holiday that puts a smile on people's beautiful faces, hurray!

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