Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1st day at waverley christian college, soz havent been updating lately.. been PRETTAY busy preparing for school and stuff.. ;) so yehh neways, it was nerve-racking the night before for me and hayley, the fact that everything would be completely different, the environment, friends,'ll be literally a whole new begining for 3 of us, as hayley's starting yr7, Qiqi's moving to a higher level :) "prep" and me? lol. waverley christian college :) we prayed & we prayed the night before.. that everything would go smoothly, though.. it didn't help much with our nerves.. however, thinking back this morning, it honestly wasn't that bad afterall :) apart from making new friends, coping with the environment ladialalalaa.. buh the friendliness of my peers made it a pretty darn well experience lmao. Honestly, it wasn't what i expected.. with so much rules and boundaries.. unlike wheelers, skirts could be the length of ur arse and noone would care, putting make-up && swearing would be a regular routine.. waverley christian college gave me the creeps when i got there, with skirt below the knee length, school bags are compulsory "wcc bags" school HATS are compulsory.. no swearing, no hair dye, no jewelry, no make-up.. lol, took me awhile to cope with it :) Howeverrrr i'll treasure every moment and make the most of it... thas the reason why'd i wanted to get outta wheelers in the first place, so... from now on. no complains from me ;)
as the principal says "rules are only made for rebels, if we live the way god wants us to live..we'll live life to the fullest"

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