Friday, January 25, 2008

ALICE'S 15th birthday ;)

stuff the cameraaaa, i've got nokia ;)
though i have to agree, the quality's not as good.. plus, the camera's full wrecked,im not embarrasing myself by showing, taking it out no more ;)
bought books for wcc this morning ;) lol bummed around at homeee. made a few phone calls for getting second-hand books, yesh we agreed bout getting second hand ones after getting the new ones insteadd.. lol, got readyyy.. andd off i wentt, to alice's partayyy!
dance dance dance till i dropped ;) lol woowwweerrs restrained myself from having junk foood,desserts wotsoever.& the unforgivable, Birthday cakeee. *droooolsss*

Last buh not least,

GoodBye fiona&& have a safe trip to Queensland

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