Wednesday, January 23, 2008

would someone please tell me who the hell invented "prank calls"?

Seriously some mentally retarded person called me 6 times last night yelling, screaming, making fart sounds at effing 1-2am! i swear i know that chick, her laughs && voice sounds too familiar. besides, who would be this effing immature to call someonee at 1 =.= no other than.. ****

lifeless freak
bummed around at knox yesterday with megan, cassie & morgan.. watched juno. An all time favs for teens,besides who wouldn't wanna watch a movie about 16yr olds getting pregnant, & the whole heartfelt process of dealing with such situation. struggling at school, parents, & responsibilities. No doubt these issues are faced in reality.. and many are struggling for a solution, though they might not be the bestest way out, but risking someone's life instead of urs WOULD be the 1st to come in mind, yes?

hated the movie, loved the ending

something i've been longing to watch ever since it came out in yr2007 lol, yesh im soo way "ahead" of time. a movie where romance, action & comedy are so well combined, its definately one of the best movies of the year.. with such awesome effects included. IT'S A MUST WATCH FILM :) list that in ur shopping list right away. Seriously, trust me on this one. lol.. bummed at glen with hayley.. its beeen so so long since we last hung out, with all the dramas thas been going on. gym'd with alethea after.. lol and bought my uniforms for wcc :) Waverley Christian Collegen watch outt! trouble's coming your way :)

taken off fi's myspace :)


awesome bag much?

~today give a stranger a smile,it might be the only sunshine he sees all day

treasure these moments, i shall. ;)

just posing..
points* at sherry, ZOMGOSH.
hypo's in the background lol
grow to ur natural habitat!!

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