Monday, December 1, 2008

Do you believe in luck? the luck im talking about here is not the life-changing kinda luck,neither the die throwing, coin tossing sort of luck that only butterflies on the other side of the world have the ability to instigate.
its the opportunity-knocks that comes knockinggg their way in but not all the way through. (if u know what i mean)
example; i've previously gave out 30resumes from the glen, brandon park and waverley gardens. so its only reasonable to have atleast 1 call back. Of all places, i've submitted, it was michels. who called back..and everything went surprisingly well.. interview, job guaranteed, part time on saturdays.
ye.. However, theres still one teeny tiny bit i left out. "chinese school" ==" and this is by far the most significant year, not to mention my last :S vce 3&4.. after skipping 3 grades within a year// its finally come down to this..
SO.. job or school? school or job?lol
did i mention, sherry's in need for some pocket money?
plus must i say, i do not believe in luck, their merely just random events that are sometimes synchronous, most times not. OR just results of hardwork, application, and that most critical of methodologies: recognising opportunity and getting off one’s butt and grabbing it.
~interview for wcc this wed :)

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