Sunday, November 23, 2008

Procrastination is King

Waking up yesterday, finding myself aching everywhere. Both legs and thighs, and then I thought...
No, need to exercise! 3 more days left!! Unfortunately THAT mentality didn't end up helping, not mentioning the weather!! FAR OUT, as soon as I stepped outta the door, I felt like curling up in bed instead, and not getting off throughout the day Geeze, Speaking of LAZY?

However, I did managed to get "some" work done, cleaned up my room and packed my stuff for Malaysia! *grins* Apart from it all, the only reason that explains my aching thighs and legs would only be my lack of stretching before and after the run.

p.s Me and my beloved friend Steffi made a promise.... :) shall illustrate on that later tonight! :)

Worked out abit this afternoon, then was caught up with asian dramas (laughs out loud) completed 25 episodes of chinese drama in 2 days! :) That includes watching from 10.30-7.30am on Saturday 4pm-12.55am :) To sum it all up, today has been epic failure in cardio exercising.. Though that doesn't change tomorrow's flight, "grr.. if only flights are allowed to postpone" ahahahahaha, dream on.
Okay, since holiday started since Thursday last week, Steffi and I made a promise to each other! Within these two months of not seeing each other, we'll be working our bums out to lose weight! :) Highly impossible to resist Malaysian's roti canai && satays, but I'll survive! I'll post up my photos tomorroww my love! Have an awesome holiday peeps, I know I will :)

Here's my before image::

~Keeping to our words

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