Thursday, April 3, 2008

highlights of my holiday


hongkong disneyland

disneyland lollyie :)

smallest yet most memorable birthday cake i've had ever :)
only sticker photo taken!
the excitement taking off!
so long melbourne~

welcome home Malaysia!

Hello pollution!

friends i've met at the airport :)

luke::"this is you, sherry"


amy::this is my photo to you! ;)

~have a save flight

YESH :) though it wouldnt sound much like a BIG surprise now, but i did promise i'll update my blog on my *supposedly* vacation surprise.. :) However, blogspot was also blocked in china, lol didnt see that coming huh? thankfully myspace and the others werent.
So.. lets get on to it.. :)
vacation in China has definately been worthwhile :) firstly because it was my very first time visiting daddy's office & factory after 8years of in existence & eavesdropping from parents.

not that fascinating huh? well i never said it was glamourous.
& to think that my dad spends 2/3 of his time here.. dealing with uncivilized,cunning, sluggish china-men. where ladies picks their nose in public, spit in public property, smoke in restaurants, and guys gawk 24-7. disgusting. on the bright side, i've finally been exposed to such hideous occurence, which melbourne would never experience in 100years *hopefully.

daddy's booth in the 3f international fair.

evidence of their uncivilization.
nonetheless,those so called "guards" attempted to take photos of US while walking to the toilet :S and randoms came up asking if they could get photos of me.. uhh not tryna be up myself, but is that normal?
but i have to agree, not everyone was abnormal, they were infact some friendly people whom i've met while working in the exhibition. & all visitors were really friendly surprisingly :)

thoughts; I wouldn't describe my stay in Guangdong as "fun" nor "exciting" though i'll have to agree it is the uglier side of china.. where people have no education whatsoever, and was forced to move there.. since the occupation requires nothing apart from hardwork & expected low pays. prostitutes are seen everywhere on streets at night, seducing every men that catches their eye.. or obvious "red lights" infront of their so called "shops" indicates they're open for bussiness. really reminds me how fortunate i am to be in Melbourne, where safety is assured in most places, the word "courtesy" in known in our vocab.
[[try searching up courtesy in the dictionary, i doubt u'll find the absolute same meaning in chinese.]]
what dont kill you, makes you stronger.. Is the quote best suited for the citizens in Guangdong, their uncivilized expression's their way of living, their reaction towards unfamiliar faces,issues, their dislikes have been built up in such ways that we cant possibly understand.
another quote saying "best friend stabs you in the front" well..
seriously worth reconsidering..

BIG THANKS to those who supported daddy.

random:wow, your really good at attracting customers
sherry: uhh, why thankyou.
random: how much do you get paid per day? 300? i'll pay higher.
sherry: lol, nah its my dads bussiness.
random: oh.. kay *walks off*

dont hit on my sis, im keeping an eye on you!

china food ;)

asian Mcdonalds :)

~a smile confuses an approaching frown
stay in Macau&&Hongkong;;
Macau was a whole lot better than china i reckon. Mainly of its tourism field and history.

I strongly Disagree!

graffiti! a work of art~

milk cream dessert? lol.

streets of macau

Rou Gan :]

miniature biscuits

yum~~ eggtart :)

NOthose arent my pimples :( infected by diseases. :(

sightseeing ;]
went sightseeing @ Macau, then bus'd back to Chuhai for some ultra shopping spree! Imitation bags are from rmb130-150, massage sous rmb100-2 hours long. dresses, negiotiatable, between rmb60-120. heels,shoes rmb48 && real nike and adidas shoes rmb110-120 :]
wowwers Plus,the currency for aus dollar 1 is equilavent to rmb 6.50





& off we went! HongKong stay was considered most "fun" through out our whole trip, with three musketeers on the road, nothing could stand against us. went shopping at lady's street, then ate at the best cha chan tengs in town :] mohahaha. and again headed off for more shopping! ;)

mickey express..

&& we're finally in Disneyland!

love you heaps daddyyo~

cinderella's carousel

experiment ???


tarzan's treehouse

Golden mickeys award
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experiencing a world i never knew existed, a world that was hidden within me, since i was a very little girl. Knowing that it was only all make beliefs, in storybooks and television entertainment.. picturing my imaginary friends to be exactly just like them.. However, at some period of time, i've stopped believing..i've stopped pretending i was a princess..daddy started getting me books instead of barbie dolls, uniform instead of princess outfits. & thas when i realised my childhood has abandoned me, while education awaits.. and whats left are only memories, wonderful ones infact. though back in those days, imaginations that was inspired by storybooks are all we had.. unlike now, where dreams appear before our very eyes, ideal princesses can be felt & touched in reality. & far far away is infact only a flight away.. fantasy never seem so real, all thanks to hongkong disneyland.

~joy is everlasting happiness is momentary

next chapter of my hols will be updated shortly

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