Friday, April 4, 2008

Arrived @ Melbourne on the 27th of march :)
which reminds me...

Happy belated 16th Birthday to Me!
Though my sweet sixteen didnt go as planned, in fact, it was prettay depressing i must say.. since everyone looked at the trip as my 16th birthday gift. Though i have to agree, HongKong disneyland was no doubt the ideal birthday present. However, it was still slightly dissapointing , as i had high hopes from the very beginning..
celebrated my birthday at aunties :) with the legendary mango gateau. lol, how come legendary? well it seems like the only cake we seem to get always on special events. grandparents birthday, relatives etc etc.
Anywho, my 16th birthday was spent just like any other day, nothing worth remembering, bringing up or to be proud of..
though i might sound like some spoilt brat, inconsiderate to others, never satisfied.. Frankly i'll only see this as a misunderstanding, as i had high expectations, and noone's to blame apart from myself. Nonetheless, i'll constantly keep reminding myself to change for the better, and hopefully next year's would be better

headed straight off the next day..
~to gold coast

Gold coast, well-known for its stunning beaches, carefree sundrenched lifestyle, hot tan sexy topless hunks. Harbour town offers a wealth of surfshops, clearance sales, restaurant and cafes.. i wouldnt mind living in gold coast. :)
not the mention, the RIDES :0

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SUPER-MAN && scooby-doo :)
omgosh, this is an aboslutely "must-ride" coaster, yes i didnt wanna ride it at first, but with my families encouragement,
"appreciate being young! while you still can!"
"if you dont do it now, u'll never do it in the future''
well i cudnt possibly chicken'd out with lame excuses, after what they said.besides, it only goes for 2 secs :) lol.

batman ride
apparently it's a less thrilling yet similiar t0 the giant drop at dreamworld, which we couldnt go to, as it was too time consuming, for 3 places. ;( thus, seaworld and movieworld was the only ones we went to. hehe, hooray for me a.k.a the CHICKEN.

after awhole long day of thrilling rides, from superman to batman then scoobydoo then looneytunes.. lol wot's next? bumpercars! :] though i may be afraid going on rides, however.. on it bright side, it shows that im a cautious person, so does value myself! lol, im talking gibberish.
Unfortunately, this lil missy here left her camera back home, which means less photos on goldcoast trip..
by the end of the day, I am proud to say that i've went on 6 rides, however i would centainly not go on those rides EVER.. not in 100years.

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