Friday, June 13, 2008

First & foremost, here's an anime version of me. (: drawn by Yi Fu.Though it looks nothing like me, but i have to give him props for making me "prettier" in cartoon form? (: Blogging isn't the best way to express my emotions at the moment, somehow Im struggling to convey this feeling..? yet the need to express myself....

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expressed my innermost thoughts on paper till 4am lastnight,& must i say,this piece has great significance&value , every line stroke dot has it's meaning from every perspective of christianity.

Did some soulseeking while walking to and back from school last couple of days, gazing at the never ending sky, trees, pleasent peaceful road-spectacular view overall

Perfect moment to keep my mind off exam results..all those mixed emotions piled up inside of me, sense of uneasiness, disappointment, guilt, I guess I've manage to leave it all behind after seeking for God's assistance

Anywho,since we're currently learning about tropical fruits in Indonesian class.. LOTE teacher started us off with a question,"which fruit best describes you? in order to broaden our understanding on fruits in bahasa indonesia. Thus, a couple of indo students gave the following answers.

Rachel:: Pineapple (nanas) on the surface i might look rough, and thorny (snobbish)but if you get to know me better, as soon as I've opened up,I'll gradually lossen up and start being friends with you (implying to the sweet&&sour taste) On top of that, the seed represents that I don't generally hold grudges.

LOTE teacher:: which fruit best describes me? I would say Mango. As Im known as thin-skinned, sweet on the surface, but deep within.. I'm secretly sour. (implying to her bittersweet personality)

Darren:: Stating the obvious, I would pick a rotten coconut. As I'm brown on the outside & brown on the inside *laughs out loud* =='

Bong:: Once again, Stating the obvious.. I pick the lemon. Geddit? Yellow on the outside & yellow on the inside. *laughs even louder* ==''

Me:: I'll probably pick watermelon? Firstly because of it's size..(Big&round?) implies that I'm a lazy person, I'm a person with multiple personalities and emotions (amount of seeds) Red also implies to my deep thoughts/understanding towards all situations. Most importantly the outer shell of a watermelon, indicates me to be seen as a solid person, but deep within, I'm just like everyone else.

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Found this on Waverley Christian College website,guess who this is..?

Aleasha Ng,-the adorable one. (:

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