Sunday, June 15, 2008

Old piece of poop!

apart from it's built in navigation system, music downloads, local, international, video, 3 way phone calls. i dont see any point of using this phone, due to it's crap 2megapixel quality ): which reminds me.
I still have my 5.1megapixel camera hidden somewhere, beneath the dirty laundries? under my books (havent been moved since lol,the start of school) OR perhaps stolen by the little creepy crawlies hiding amongst the clothes in the dresser drawers? ohemgee.. giving myself goosebumps.
Though Im currently looking for a brand new digital camera (listed as 1 of my wishlists) I should perhaps start using my 5.1megalpixel camera to prove that it's functioning just fine! might even sell it off in the future.

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