Thursday, June 5, 2008

GAH! just a tad bit embarrasing?

As i headed to the toilet this morning, looked into my pad. && Yay! no period, blood whatsoever, acknowledging the fact that period's over (: Plus, since i was meeting up with a couple of my mates today.. pads arent the most comfortable thing* to be carrying around while running to knox shopping centre (8km) Ripped my blood-free pad off, and immediately got ready for jogging (: took me an hour plus.. to get there, but everything became worth it when it comes to bumming with gail&&darren, matt&&jason seperately. lol (: Anyways, as i arrived & went straight to the lady'sroom, reassuring that i looked gooood? duh~

I found this massive purple blotch of dried paint right on my bum, geeze & to think i've had it there eversince i left the house! How embarrasing! Likewise, to prevent any further embarrasment.. i double checked if i had any other unwanted stains. & it turns out, i did! again massive blotch of blood right underneath the massive blotch of purple paint. Greaaat.. texted both my friends that i'd be running late, and grr.. Luckily i was able to get rid of the blood stain, and as for the other? lol. bought myself a hoodie and wrapped it around my waist, totally unneccessary. (:

Spent the next two hours watching The chronicles of Narnia-prince caspian. It lived up to my expectations! Did i mention, I was totally flushed when my guyfriend found out about it. ):

ultimate"fashion emergency'

hoodies -all&old time favourite

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