Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exam's officially over.. tata~ (:

Let's just start off by saying, way way way before exam week... I made a promise to myself that i would smile with confidence, pride, filled with gratitude! (might've over-exaggerated) on formal night. Yet thinking back now I never should've had my hopes up, thinking i couldve achieve a higher score than i normally would. [failing] Then again, there's asolutely noone else to blame, apart from myself? Although, i tend to get distracted easily, talking on the phone for hours.. enjoying the company of my fellow friend.. It is with my deepest regret, that i spent most of my time chitchatting rather than focusing on examinations. After exams ended, everyone was cheering wildly with delightment, but as for me.. i literally had to force out a smile, and as my friends started asking one another on how'd they go with the exam. again, I tried avoiding that topic as much as i could, constantly reminding myself there's always next term to set things right. But deep within, Noone knows how badly i stuffed it up as much as I do.. there's absolutely no possible way of my getting a score higher than 20% in any of my examinations. Just to top it all up, the possibility of me returning to Malaysia's 90/100 per cent. (:
Why does everything seem so right when Im with you? yet to foresee "this" coming

"So foul & fair a day i have not seen?" -quoted by Shakespear.

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