Monday, July 21, 2008

~getting out of the pit

before I start off, my day's been pretty 'alright' I suppose, would've been great! if that arguement of ours hadn't occured. Guess that's what happens between both mum && daughters? No biggy. Got hurt over a couple of things she said, but overall.. she seems to be the one who's always on the right track (no.. not in a sarcastic way) Continued on my drawings after, this time.. instead of painting with coffee, I painted with TEA! ;)
black&&greenteabags ;)
Unfortunately this aint an artpiece, it's merely me experimenting the difference of coffee && tea painting. Coffee's easier to handle I reckon, as the thickness of it's colour's depending on the amount of water added. On the other hand, TEABAGS =.= how irritating.. no matter how much water or (no water) the colour would always remain as it is. Thus, in order to paint the shade, it all comes down to the amount of layers you add!

used 2 mediums on this piece, since the paint could not get any darker! grr.. then again, It's only an experiment. (mind the flying flowers) =.=

sherry looking forward to assignments?
lol, that's a first.

coffee art 2007'

getting out of the pit,
sick & tired of disappointing everyone.

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