Tuesday, July 22, 2008

P.S i've decided to start linking people.
Chadstone Outing with friends!
The best thing about highschool would definately be.. spending quality time with friends, apart from (studies&&education ofcourse) Spent my day at chadstone with a couple of the best peoples around, hung out && bowling && caught the bus back, && bummed somemore! ;)

don't think I've ever smiled this way.

Jill&&I at sportsgirl

chips anyone?

Look at the smile on everyonees faces,aren't they the prettiest people around? Nothing beats beauty than a smile on one's face. A school filled with beautiful faces, beautiful environment, really helps to stay focus, where a group of peers steering you in the right direction, standing next to you,walking along with you, watching out for you in the years to come. Knowing you've been blessed all this while....

A friend is someone with whom I can reveal many parts of me, even those I am meeting for the first time

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