Tuesday, July 15, 2008

wonder what's all the camwhoring about?
testing camera... (take 1 )

testing camera take 2 (:

Yep guessed it. *massive grin* I've finally bought my very own camera! (with my money ofcourse) Only because.. I'm all grown up! ;)
A canon IXUS80IS brooom brroooom brrooom im overly excited!
Though unfortunately, not everything went smoothly during formal.. Yes I was all dressed up, Yes the food was awesomely well served, Yes the music was awesome! (spice girls ftw) Yes, I danced to every single song played! However..this minor mistake stuffed up my night so badly, I'd feel guilty for the rest of my life! Yep, Sherry bought her 32mb memory card && left her 2gk card at home. Thus, Only.. what? 17 photos were taken? someone shoot me now ==

my beloved grace jiejie who did both my hair && makeup!

wow josh ;) same camera!

Yet the night itself went pretty well, ended at 11.44 ;) Though not much photos taken.. but it's all kept in here* points to my head. A night of laughs && joy, everyone having a blast before school reopens. Shaking off the stress && worries..Just showing up at your best. looking your best && feeling great! Money spent on formals definately worth spending.
Everyone received an award on the night, funny yet thoughtful awards such as..? happycup frequent go-er? hunnybunny award *inside joke? shuffler award? gangster award. looks and books award? etc.. It amazes me to know every single person at waverley christian college are unbelievably nice and thoughtful It's been how long? half a year since I went there.. && I've been awarded as best artist. I guess I would consider myself as one of the fortunate ones whos able to experience such healthy environment. Still, hearing news from my younger sister on Wheelers hill (if you didnt know, thas the name of my previous school) bitchfights && discrimination.. she would cry herself to sleep at times, knowing nothing can be done. Anyways shouldnt get side-tracked, In conclusion.. My night's been a night to remember && treasured.

~shall steal photos off others soon

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