Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beachin' in winter
sounds like much fun?
I fidget, I shiver, I cry out for summer.
Yet.. 5 seconds later
I'm loving the sun!

mummy& I

1 look, and I can see the light of the day

My only sunshine

You alone, shine away any form of darkness

A day out with family
Firstof went to Monash Uni's Open Day, bumped into afew mates.. Got some useful* information.. such as (oh faculty of art & design is not provided here.. It's in Caufield Campus) great. =.= I've always thought Clayton campus provides art courses, well It does.. In a ceramics, sculpture, more.. researching stuffs I guess. Also known as Bachelor Of Art. Thus, RMIT or Deakin would most probably be my next option. Any suggestions? (:
Headed to frankston beach after..

I'll build up the courage to paint my house like these one day!:)

"quantity over quality!" grins.

a beach is made up of little shells like these

"boy, my journey to paradise starts here"

smile for the world to see..

like this mah' (:
I love how we're all so Malaysian, I love how we see each other differently causing us to argue even over the littlest things, I love how the youngest daughter would always be the peacemaker in the family, i love how we'd still get to have usual day-to-day conversations (webcam) with daddy even if he's thousands of miles away, I love how we're so different individually, but make one awesome family as a whole.
~missing you daddy

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