Friday, August 22, 2008

Everyone's proud when your family brings home a medal (:
Not an Olympic medal (d-uh) but even better! handmade clay imitation olympic medals! (:
Go Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! for coming _____ *inserts number* place!
Been having a pretty tough week overall, with the cold/sore throat for three days now.. It's definately been a challenge to get thing's done, or even the initiative to stay motivated. Unfortunately not everyone sees eye to eye, while I've been bedridden & reading books in bed, some saw me as lazing around, doing jackshit*
It frustrates me a little (fine, alot!) that someone decides to walk into my room, slames the door, slames the wardrobe. chucks my books and colorpencils around, subconsciously tore my bible, while I fell asleep from reading. How would you have responded? Havent seen the worst of it yet, since some other person decides to add fuel to the fire by saying.. "well.. lastnight she didnt put the milk back in the refrigerator"

how would you have responded?
updated//dig deep
It is currently 3.18am at the moment, & I have yet to sleep...
Well before I start off with anything negative, how adorable is the picture above? Wouldn't it just be awesome to turn back time, way way back when we were all still little kiddos, with no responsibilities, dicipline, wrong&rights in our way. Just plain fun, and obey with what we're told.. the simpler, the better....
I don't know about you, but I never seem to struggle when it comes to blogging.. perhaps I'm more expressive with my feelings? I want to be heard? I want to be noticed? (no)
I LOVE the fact that we're able to express ourselves, in this so-called "property" of ours. Especially in times of needs, our "sweet escape" as some would call it. There are times where I struggle, too. Struggle to have a positive mindset, struggle to accept my sister the way she is, struggle in every aspects of life.
For the time being, I'm struggling with making peace with my family.
Arguments after the other, always in my blog.. I'd prefer to omit the negative prospects of life. But this time, I'm spilling it out.. I'm pouring out my emotions, it's never too old to shed some tears..

Wise children make their fathers glad

But foolish children bring sorrow to their mothers

proverbs 10:1

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