Saturday, August 16, 2008

Had a little fun with colours, inspired by the high fashion, top-selling magazines.. BAZAAR and Vogue. (2006 edition) ;) *wink*
Can't help it if the only person who purchases magazine's my cousin, whom unfortunately left her magazines here gathering dust as she got back to Malaysia two weeks after May2006.

Though there are infact countless mistakes done in the picture above, then again.. I'm still figuring out the techniques of shaping the eye, enhancing your "natural beauty" by intencify or softening in regards to the colour tone used.
A couple of things I've picked out by looking at several model's eye make ups..
Fact no 1: Coloured eyes can seriously go nude! not literally, but since their eyes are naturally gorgeous..going plain would best suit them, in my opinion. (: top-model look, not celebrity..
wherelse asian eyes, (kinda sad actually) Yet on the brightside, we're forgiven to have tonnes of makeup on without giving the impression of being slutty. For example: Why are asian girls forgiven to wear mini skirts? yet cauasian aren't?
Fact: Most asians are born with unbelievably short legs, thus if they wore mini skirts, it would just seem as usual short skirts, on the other hand.... winkwink*
Back to eye-shadowing experimentation (: (with colorpencils)
In every eyeshadow videos you've seen, darker shade on the outside and lighter as you blend it in, It's also important, having a foundation layer, to enhance your eye, forming light&shade (points to the gold eyeshadow above) . Plus,experimented with silver on peach & peach on silver. Results turned out differently from one another, based on the my colourings, oh! & not forgetting.. Lighter shade on your eyelids, and darker underneath.. :)

~one day I'll try it out on my palette

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