Thursday, August 7, 2008

If you have yet to notice, I've recently changed my blog song to..
Hillsong-desert song.
long story behind this song actually, it all started when Alethea jiejie showed me a video of the singer from hillsong at lifegroup, all her pain & sorrows.. yet holding onto her belief, holding onto God.. Just as she lost her baby, while her cut was still deep & fresh, she chose to turn to God, not turning away.. But continuously glorifying Him.

coincidently a couple of days after.. this video was shown in class. I was fully amazed, as I tried so hard looking up the video, not knowing the artist nor the song title.. but continuosly praying to God..
& in a way, my prayers were answered.
International Day

Happy Birthday LiAnn (:

Though I was one of the few who dressed up, & must I say.. I certainly did over-exaggerated the event.. turned up to school in a fully extravagant cheongsam, & saw everyone else in their school uniform. In the midst of confusion, thinking if I should still walk in to class.. or turning the opposite way and straight back home. So Back home it was; to avoid all embarrasment & any form of humilliation..Yet, on our way back.. I thought to myself.. how often do I have such opportunity to dress up & standing proud for my nationality.. unless I had the date wrong (highly unlikely) Thus, after all the effort of convincing my mum, we drove all the way back *again* to school! Knowing I'd make a fool outta myself, a saying from YiFu randomly came in mind "Dont need to be shy, if i had the outfit I'd wear it too, nothing wrong with looking unique and standing out"
So true Yi! For A china-boy with an american accent, along with that fully wacky personality.. his words really made sense to me at that timebeing, Noone's gonna look at you differently, they wouldn't dare anyway, your the one who has the dress on, who are they to give to voice out their opinions?
Lastly, turned out that I was the only girl who dressed up in my class. Meh, doesn't bother me as much anymores..

~asian pride

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